Barclays Shared Services

Barclays Shared Services (BSS) provides operations support and services to businesses across Barclays.

What we do

We deliver world class operational performance in a controlled environment through scaled centres of excellence in BSS and a small number of strategic third parties. Our main purpose is to:

  • Be a centre of excellence for seamless, scalable and sustainable operations
  • Deliver in a controlled environment by maintaining governance and ensuring compliance to policies
  • Provide re-engineering and process design capability.

Our delivery centres are located in India (Noida, Chennai and Mumbai) and South Africa (Johannesburg and Pretoria).

BSS India started operations in 2007. Since then, it has grown significantly and now employs over 8500 people. BSS South Africa launched in 2012 and employs more than 3000 employees.  

Why join us

BSS is a key part of the global vision for Barclays, and aims to be the source of inspiration for delivering market-defining operational excellence. We have a dynamic, highly skilled and enthusiastic team, and encourage people from diverse backgrounds to work with us.

Life at BSS is an exciting blend of performance, innovation and delivery, in an environment tailored for continuous learning. As part of a global organisation BSS offers a world of opportunities for you to grow and develop your career.

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Recruitment queries

Contact the BSS recruitment team in India or South Africa.