The Risk team plays a vital role in aiding senior management to make informed decisions, taking all implications into account.

What we do

Barclays Risk teams operate across the organisation to protect our financial performance and reputation.
As risk professionals, members of the team have advanced technical skills across a broad range of disciplines. They take the lead in addressing issues including the potential implications of an economic downturn or financial crime, and in advising Barclays’ business leaders to facilitate informed, controlled and measured decision-making.
At our offices all over the world, risk management experts also carry out invaluable work by managing and shedding light on issues that are significant in their business lines and locations.
Areas within the Risk function include:
  • Credit risk – assessing how the financial climate’s impact on our customers could affect Barclays
  • Market risk – tackling risks around our exposure to market movements
  • Operational risk – establishing and mitigating risks posed by our business activities
  • Economic/capital analytics – analysing economic risks that could affect the business
  • Fraud risk management – assessing how we can protect our business and our customers from the risk of fraud
  • Environmental risks – managing the indirect environmental risks posed by projects for which we provide finance
  • Reporting – providing information to help Barclays senior leaders and investors understand risks facing the business
  • Operations – ensuring our Risk functions remain world-class, through training and technical resources.

Why join us

Risk management is a vitally important function within Barclays globally, and enjoys great visibility. During the recent economic downturn, our risk professionals have been instrumental in ensuring and demonstrating the resilience of the organisation.