Citizenship at Barclays

Barclays’ sustainable success will be assured by becoming the ‘Go-To’ bank for all of our stakeholders.

Citizenship is a critical part of becoming the ‘Go-To’ bank for all our stakeholders. And, for society, it means we can serve as an enabler for greater, inclusive prosperity for current and future generations.

The way we do business

Ensure our decisions take account of stakeholder needs in the short and long term.

Barclays head office

Response to Salz Review

Barclays has published its response to the Salz Review, an independent review of its business practices which released its findings on 3 April 2013.

The response outlines Barclays commitments to fully implementing all 34 of the Salz Review’s recommendations, as well as how it intends to do this.

1 Churchill Place in London, Barclays’ global headquarters.

1 Churchill Place in London, Barclays’ global headquarters.

Customer experience

Our priority is to make it easier for our customers to achieve their goals in life by continually enhancing the customer experience.

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Managing environmental impact

We measure and manage our environmental impacts, and believe banks can play a part in helping society address climate change.

Exterior of Barclays’ headquarters 1 Churchill Place, London

Managing risk

Barclays has a governance structure in place to facilitate clear dialogue across the business and with suppliers, around issues of potential environmental and social risk.

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We’re committed to diversity and inclusion at Barclays – supporting our employees, customers and clients.

The Women of the Year Awards at Barclays

Human rights

As a global business, we have a clear responsibility to support governments and civil society groups in respecting and upholding human rights.

Factory workers

Contributing to growth

Deliver product and service solutions to help more people and society progress in a sustainable way.

Supporting individuals

Inside a Barclays branch

Lending is a fundamental part of what banks do to support their customers and clients. Making credit available through providing mortgages to families and finance to businesses contributes to job creation and economic growth.

More on how we’re helping individuals

Increasing access to financial services

Money collectors in Ghana

We’re working to expand our reach, and provide innovative and sustainable financial services to people around the world.

Increasing access

Supporting businesses

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Small and growing businesses are vital in creating jobs and driving economic recovery.

Supporting businesses

Helping institutions

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We help corporate clients raise capital to grow their businesses, manage risk and provide strategic advice. We also support government and institutional clients, backing economic growth and meeting the needs of diverse communities.

Helping institutions

Supporting our communities

Help five million disadvantaged young people develop the skills they need to fulfil their potential.

Building Young Futures in Egypt.

Key facts and figures

Find out about the hours and the financial investment we've contributed to our communities, and read about our donations policy.

Barclays volunteers with a group of children

Our partners

We form partnerships with the charities, community organisations, NGOs and social enterprises that are best placed to understand local needs and complement our own expertise.

Children taking part in a Barclays Spaces for Sports programme

Our programmes

Our programmes support communities by working with respected and relevant partners, and utilising the skills of Barclays employees.

A village savings and loans association supported by Barclays

Case studies

These case studies show the wide range of volunteering and fundraising activities that our employees are involved in around the world.

Group of cyclists participating in Wheels for Change

05 Mar 2014, 14:00 GMT

Barclays publishes Citizenship Report

Barclays today publishes its Citizenship Report 2013 which outlines its social and environmental performance. The Report provides a comprehensive view of Barclays’ progress against its Citizenship Plan and the challenges it has faced in meeting these targets over the last 12 months.

Reports and publications

We commission and contribute to a wealth of in-depth studies, including our annual Citizenship Reports.

Our archive

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Download our Citizenship Reports, Annual Reports and publications from the Barclays Social Intelligence Series.

Explore our archive

Citizenship Report 2013

Barclays Head Office in London

The Report provides a comprehensive view of progress against our Citizenship Plan.

Read the Report online

Carbon Capital

City street at night

The third publication in our Social Intelligence Series examines approaches to financing a low carbon economy.

Download the report (PDF 3.6MB)

Banking for Billions

Woman in sari

The second publication in our Social Intelligence Series looks at the global landscape for access to financial services.

Download the report (PDF 4MB)

Diversity and inclusion

We’re committed to diversity and inclusion at Barclays – supporting our employees, customers and clients.

A history of diversity

Two women talking at diversity event

Barclays has a long legacy of recognising the vital role that diversity and inclusion plays in our business.

More on our history

Our diversity strategy

Finalists of the Barclays Business Diversity Awards 2013

We believe talented people are the foundation of our success, whatever their style, personality, age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

More on our diversity strategy

Our recognition

The Women of the Year Awards at Barclays

We’ve won a wealth of recognition for our commitment to diversity and inclusion across the global business, in areas including gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and multiculturalism.

More on our recognition