Barclays volunteers with a group of children

Key facts and figures

Get the latest facts and figures about our community investment programmes, and find out about our investment policy.

Barclays community investment highlights

  2012 2011 2010
Total community investment £64.5m £63.5m £55.3m
Amount raised by employees and matched to charities through Barclays fundraising and giving programmes £30.3m £26.8m £19.7m
Number of employees involved in Barclays volunteering, fundraising or giving programmes (% of all Barclays employees) 68,000 (48%) 73,000 (47%) 59,000 (39%)
Hours spent (personal and work time) to support volunteering activities 459,000 418,000 359,000

Our approach to community investment

Barclays plays a broader role in the community above what we deliver through our core business activities. We invest money and the time and expertise of Barclays employees to deliver a positive social impact in the communities where we operate. Around the world, young people are facing unprecedented social and financial challenges – and increasingly high levels of unemployment. Developing vital skills will help them to overcome these challenges, so they can better provide for themselves and for their families, and ultimately support longer-term growth in the economy. Barclays community investment programme is focused on 5 Million Young Futures. We are committed to enhancing the enterprise, employability and financial skills of disadvantaged 10- to 35- year olds to enable them to fulfil their potential.

We will continue to work in partnership with NGOs and experts to develop high-performing programmes and volunteering opportunities that harness the skills and passion of Barclays employees. We have chosen to proactively partner a small number of organisations, enabling us to have the greatest impact on the communities in which we operate. For this reason we are unable to provide funding to many of the individual requests we receive.

For more information about our community investment programmes around the world, or to contact a Barclays community manager in your country, visit our interactive map.

Our donations policy

Unfortunately we do not fund the following:

  • Political parties or political bodies
  • The promotion of religious beliefs (we do consider projects led by religious organisations providing the whole community benefits)
  • The sponsorship of individuals
  • Rotary, Lions Clubs and other third-party giving organisations
  • Hospital costs
  • Medical charities including medical treatment and research
  • Capital appeals (for example, for buildings)
  • Educational institutions (unless the donation provides direct support to a disadvantaged group)
  • The arts (unless the donation provides direct support to a disadvantaged group)
  • Microfinance loan fund capital (donations can be used to support the establishment and operation of community-motivated microfinance programmes, but cannot be used as capital for on-lending direct to clients).