Barclays Spaces for Sports

Launched in 2004, Barclays Spaces for Sports is a community-based sports programme, which uses sport as a platform to help young people develop life skills and revitalise disadvantaged communities in a sustainable way.

In the UK, 200 community sports sites have been created in partnership with the Football Foundation, supporting more than 40 different sports.

Around the world, Barclays Spaces for Sports programmes now exist in China, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, Spain, the UK, the USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Visit the links on this page to find out more about our Citizenship programmes in these countries.

More than half a million people in the UK have benefited since the programme’s launch, with 53,000 people on average using its sites every week. And outside the UK, more than 40,000 people benefit from Barclays Spaces for Sports programmes each year.

Barclays Spaces for Sports draws on the skills, experience and local expertise of a range of organisations to ensure the effective and sustainable delivery of our sites and sport for development programmes.

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