Building Young Futures in Egypt

Building Young Futures in Egypt. Photo credit: M El-Dakhakny

Building Young Futures

Building Young Futures is a partnership between Barclays and UNICEF that aims to equip 74,000 disadvantaged young people in six countries – Brazil, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Uganda and Zambia – with the skills to help them fulfil their potential.

In a world where young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults, and a quarter of the world’s poorest are aged between 15 to 25, Barclays and UNICEF are committed to empowering the next generation. The programme will help young people secure an income, by ensuring they have the relevant skills and confidence to get a meaningful job or set up their own sustainable small businesses.

Barclays has worked with UNICEF since 2008. In the first four years of our partnership, Building Young Futures gave more than 600,000 young people: improved education opportunities; financial, employment and enterprise skills; and support to manage their money.

The new phase of the programme began in September 2012 and will take a more in-depth approach – delivering skills-based training and providing mentoring as the participants start in business or find work.

The partnership focuses on securing commitments to policy change from the governments of the six countries, which will lead to a stronger and more sustainable economic future for young people – well beyond the lifetime of the partnership.

A total of £5m was invested in the first phase and more than 3,500 hours of Barclays employee time has been given to help deliver the projects. An additional £5m, and significant employee volunteering support, is committed until 2015.

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Building Young Futures work to tackle unemployment among young people in Egypt was highlighted in CNN's ‘Global Exchange’ programme.

Click on the links below to watch the short films.1

  • Building Young Futures (pop-up): The programme in Zambia demonstrates how we support young people to develop the financial and enterprise skills they need to set up their own business or find employment.
  • Empowering Egypt’s youth (pop-up): Hoda participates in business workshops and gains the skills and confidence needed to set up her own business in weaving.
  • Unemployment in Egypt (pop-up): Barclays and UNICEF host sessions to provide unemployed young people with career and business advice.
  • Entrepreneurs in Egypt (pop-up): Sahar sets up her own business in air filters after attending workshops on entrepreneurship. Barclays and UNICEF teamed up to launch Building Young Futures in 2008.

1 Footage is courtesy of CNN


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