Find details of presentations, speeches, and seminars dating back to 2005.


FY 2013 Results Analyst Breakfast, February 2014


Analyst questions and answers transcript (PDF 164KB)

FY 2013 Results Investor Presentations, February 2014


Full Year 2013 Results Presentation (PDF 698KB)
Full Year 2013 Fixed Income Investor Presentation (PDF 728KB)


Nomura Financial Services Conference, November 2013


Presentation Slides (PDF 97KB)
Speech by Eric Bommensath, Co-Chief Executive, Corporate and Investment Banking (PDF 80KB)

UBS European Conference, November 2013


November 2013 Barclaycard presentation (PDF 501KB)

Q3 2013 Results Investor Presentations, October 2013


Fixed income investors (PDF 830KB)

Barclays Global Financial Services Conference, September 2013


Webcast presentation
Speech by Antony Jenkins, Group Chief Executive (PDF 144KB)
Q&A Transcript  

H1 2013 Results Investor Presentations, July 2013


Fixed income investors (PDF)
Barclays PLC Interim 2013 Results and Leverage Plan Presentation (PDF)


Barclays Investment Bank presentation, June 2013

Eric Bommensath and Tom King (Co-Chief Executives of Barclays Corporate and Investment Banking) hosted a presentation on Barclays Investment Bank on Friday 28 June 2013. For webcast replay details please refer to the links below.


Webcast replay
Barclays Investment Bank Presentation (PDF)
Antony Jenkins, Eric Bommensath and Tom King's speeches (PDF)
Analyst Q&A Transcript (PDF)

Deutsche Bank Global Financial Services Investor Conference, June 2013

Antony Jenkins, Barclays Group Chief Executive, presented at Deutsche Bank’s Global Financial Services Investor Conference in New York on 4 June 2013. A replay of Antony’s presentation and subsequent Q&A session can be accessed by clicking on the below webcast replay link.


Webcast replay

Q1 2013 Results Investor Presentations, April 2013

Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference, March 2013

Barclays Strategic Review, February 2013

Barclays Group Chief Executive sets out the results of Barclays Strategic Review, undertaken as part of the first stage of the Transform Programme, as well as financial targets for 2015.


Antony Jenkins presentation to investors 12 February 2013 (PDF)
Antony Jenkins speech (PDF)
Analyst Q&A Transcript (PDF)
More on Strategic Review

Full Year 2012 Results investor presentations, February 2013


Strategic combination of Barclays African Operations with Absa, December 2012

Barclaycard Presentation, November 2012

Q3 investor presentations, October 2012

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Banking & Insurance CEO Conference

Nomura Financial Services Conference, August 2012

H1 Investor Presentation, July 2012

UK Retail and Business Banking Presentation, May 2012

As the second in a series of focus events, Barclays hosted a reception on UK Retail and Business Banking, hosted by Ashok Vaswani, CEO, UK Retail and Business Banking.

UBS Global Financial Services Conference, May 2012

Q1 Investor Presentation, April 2012

Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference, March 2012

Barclaycard Presentation, March 2012


UBS Global Financial Services Conference

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Banking & Insurance CEO Conference

KBW European Financial Services Conference

Nomura Financial Services Conference

Autumn 2011

Goldman Sachs European Financials Conference

Deutsche Bank Global Financial Services Investor Conference

Barclays Capital Americas Select Conference

Deutsche Bank UK Banks Conference

Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference

Barclays Capital Emerging Payments Forum


JPMorgan Cazenove UK Financials Conference

8 December 2010

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Banking and Insurance CEO Conference

29 September 2010

Barclaycard Investor Presentation - New York

Barclays Capital Financial Services Conference

13 September 2010

Autumn 2010

Global Retail Banking Investor Seminar

A seminar for analysts and investors was hosted by Antony Jenkins, Chief Executive Global Retail Banking, on Wednesday, 30 June 2010.

Barclays Capital Financial Services Conference

18 May 2010

Spring 2010


The Whitehead Lecture - Chatham House

09 December

Societe Generale Conference

02 December - Paris

Global Retail and Commercial Banking Autumn 2009

Barclays Capital Global Financial Services Conference

15 September - New York

KBW UK Financials Conference

14 September - London

Nomura Financial Services Conference

4 September - London

Autumn 2009

Barclays announces receipt of binding offer of $13.5 billion (£8.2 billion) by BlackRock for BGI

12 June 2009

iShares sale

8 April 2009

Morgan Stanley Conference

31 March 2009

Barclays today


Spring 2009


Societe Generale Conference

3 December 2008

Merrill Lynch Conference

7 October 2008

Barclays announces agreement to acquire Lehman Brothers North American businesses

17 September 2008

GRCB Facts and Figures

Lehman Brothers Conference

8 September 2008

Goldman Sachs Conference

12 June 2008

Autumn 2008

UBS Conference

12 May 2008

Morgan Stanley Conference

1 April 2008

Global Retail and Commercial Banking Seminar

15 April 2008 - GRCB Investor Day

Spring 2008


Spring 2007

Morgan Stanley Conference

27 March 2007

Barclays proposed merger with ABN AMRO

23 April 2007

Global Retail and Commercial Banking

4 June 2007

Goldman Sachs Conference

14 June 2007

Barclays revised offer to ABN AMRO

23 July 2007

Investor Presentation

30 August 2007


Lehman Brothers Conference

10 September 2007

Autumn 2007

Merrill Lynch Conference

2 October 2007

2007 Presentations


Investment Banking and Diversified Conference

1 March 2006

Investor visit to US operations

13 March 2006

UBS Conference

15 March 2006

Morgan Stanley Conference

21 March 2006

Goldman Sachs Conference

8 June 2006

Merrill Lynch Banking and Insurance CEO Conferences

3 October 2006

Barclays Capital meeting with sell side analysts

6 October 2006

Equity derivatives: What's driving client demand?

29 November 2006


Investor visit to US operations

11 March 2005

Morgan Stanley Conference

6 April 2005

Barclays IFRS Transition Report

11 May 2005


Merrill Lynch Banking and Insurance CEO Conference

4 October 2005

Barclays Retail Credit Risk Management

18 October 2005