From left, Neil Sharda, Antony Jenkins, and Lord Stephen Green.

From left, Neil Sharda, Antony Jenkins, and Lord Stephen Green.

Barclays to boost small business exports with launch of Business Abroad

04 Oct 2012, 17:00 BST

Barclays Group Chief Executive Antony Jenkins and UK Minister for Trade and Investment Lord Stephen Green have launched a comprehensive international trade toolkit to boost exports among UK SMEs.

Business Abroad  is a service providing small businesses with access to free expert guidance, workshops and tools for exporting, as well as discounts on trade products and services at a time when international trade remains vital to the sustainable recovery of UK plc.

The positive impact of trading abroad on the SME sector is also highlighted in a new Barclays report, which finds that companies grow by an impressive 30% on average after exporting for just two years*.

Visiting the West London workshop of Barclays business client, Sharda Glass, to launch Business Aboard, Antony Jenkins said the new initiative underlined the importance the bank was placing on fostering export growth.

“Winning business overseas is a vitally important way for SMEs to prosper and help the economy grow out of recession. We are committed to helping UK SMEs take that step to winning new trade around the world, and have experts in place across the globe ready to lend their support and advice.”

Barclays is also joining with UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) to provide further help to small business that want to trade internationally – from securing their first customer abroad to setting up an overseas operation.

Trade and Investment Minister Lord Green said the government wanted to see another 100,000 UK businesses exporting by 2020, and that the Business Abroad programme would play a significant part in achieving this goal.

“Alongside the support offered by UK Trade and Investment, the Business Abroad proposition launched by Barclays will play an important role in helping British products and services find new markets overseas. I look forward to seeing our partnership deliver real results.”

A series of free International Trading Clinics , supported by UKTI, will be launched to provide advice and guidance on trading overseas.

To find out more about Business Abroad, please visit or speak to a Barclays Business Managers.

To find out more about the International Trading Clinics, please visit or call +44 (0) 845 124 6502 to book a place for free.

* A summary report of the research, published in conjunction with Kingston University, can be found or call +44 (0) 845 124 6502 to book a place for free.

* A summary report of the research (PDF) published in conjunction with Kingston University.